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Ethical source, warm colours, interior design
The LIVING - drinks trolley, ethical source, interior design
The KITCHEN - wooden plates, granite top, ethical source
The Reception, ethical source, interior design
Kitchen - ethical source, pantry, blues and wood, interior decorating
Kitchen - ethical source, seared glass, leather handles, pantry, blues and wood, interior decorating
The BED - Whicker chair, ethical source, interior decorating
Whicker, ethically sourced, mustard ad cactus


"Growing up in Africa, India and France, I was exposed from an early age to inspiring lifestyles, cultures, colours and materials. 

After exploring The Far East and The Caribbean - while working in Paris and then London as an Actor's Agent (before raising children) I finally decided to change careers and follow my calling. 

So, after a spell at KLC in Chelsea Harbour, I realised that my eye for colour and eclectic taste seemed to be in demand. That was two years ago and helping others to re-design or refresh their living spaces has become my passion, while always aiming to source ethically using non-toxic, re-cyclable, natural products and textiles , without compromising each vision."


happy people

We have just completed a six month, ground floor kitchen extension/renovation

and as someone who struggles to visualise things, I needed a designer who understood what I was looking for

without me being able to describe it.  


Caroline was exactly the right person for the job.  


She has fabulous ideas and knew how to achieve the look I wanted in terms of colours,

furnishings and the final styling.

Just as importantly, she stopped me faffing, always listened and helped me make decisions (without being pushy)

which ensured we didn’t fall behind the timeline. She is a great sounding board for big & small issues alike -

from the colour of the kitchen to the perfect height and size of the pendants etc.

We are thrilled with the end result and I would certainly recommend Caroline to anyone

who wants to make their home beautiful.”



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